Connecting what's next!

The future of TV is a curious thing, we actually know how the story ends: all media, all services in the cloud delivered on-demand to all devices. A truly connected consumer. Over 1,000 of the world’s leading service providers have entrusted Amino on this journey, enabling them to deliver advanced video services and smart devices to their discerning consumers.

At Amino, we know how the story ends. All media resides in the cloud, easily discoverable and ready to be seen on any screen anywhere, anytime.

Right now of course, we are not quite there yet. It’s exciting, but it’s messy – here’s how we see it:

  • With over 350 deployments of IP video we know first-hand that OTT delivery is exploding, and it’s leading the way to people watching more 4K content
  • New revenue models are out there, but not everyone’s getting the best out of them
  • Early-adopter consumers want the latest, but legacy-loving latecomers want things to look and work in very familiar ways
  • New devices and ways to view land in the market almost weekly, giving consumers more choice but adding complexity and cost for you as a provider
  • How the truly connected home will evolve and incorporate the Internet of Things is quite unclear due to so many moving parts – but we see core principles that are important
  • We work in the STB space but paradoxically we believe the market should prepare for a world without set-top boxes. At Amino we think and build for that worlds.